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  • Eggdrop

    Your max limit proccess is 3.

  • ZNC

    Max 5 znc user.

  • sBNC

    Max 5 sBNC user.

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We are just begining to that way with three servers , which one is France and other one is Italy and Germany. ShellHosting.org trying to be Freeshell but as you know we have bills and also paying for host and we need 300€ per year to run ShellHosting so we need your donation for that,you can donate via PayPal. If you are intending to run continuous processes like a bnc or bot, you should seriously consider donating. Stay tuned to the ShellHosting.org website for updates and more information!

Here is a list for some of the features:

  • Free eggdrops.
  • Free znc/sbnc/psybnc.
  • BitchX/IRSII/Weechat available.
  • Free shell for studying the GNU/Linux
  • Other shell services available upon request
  • Free subdomains - name.shellhosting.org, name.BG-Chat.Tk and name.Shell-Hosting.eu
  • Personal vhost and hostname on your request.
  • Free email account.
  • Community and users will do their best to help you with any subject


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  • CaMPaRi Co-Owner And Helper
  • fedai Administrator
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